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  • Wildcard

    Our Wildcard bar allows our makers to work with different levels of sweetness and varieties of cacao — it could be a blend or a unique single origin bean — each batch is always a surprise. Look for the batch number on the back of each bar and read more about its origin and profile.

    • Batch 10

      77% Peru & Venezuela

      We are constantly testing new beans at a variety of percentages. We took a selection of super premium micro batches and combined them into what turned out to be an amazing bar. It’s a balance of fruit, sweetness and chocolate. This blend includes beans from Peru (Tumbes, Piura, Salitral and Chulucanas) combined with Venezuela (Sur del Lago) and comes in at about 77%.

      Tasting notes




    These Wildcard batches are no longer in production.

    Batch 8 & 9

    78% Piura, Peru

    Continuing with our Batch 7 experiment, we dialed up to 78% and added a bit more heat during the roasting process. The classic black cherry Piura notes is subtle, combined with a bittersweet chocolate finish.

    Tasting notes

    black cherry, bittersweet chocolate

    Batch 7

    73% Piura, Peru

    We normally run Piura at 70%. It's a staff favorite, and we had been experimenting running it at higher percentages. We revived a couple of sacks from the 2017 harvest, and decided to give it a try at 73%. You’ll taste the classic black cherry note in Piura with slightly less sweetness than our normal Piura at 70%.

    Tasting notes

    black cherry

    Batch X–2

    78% Peru

    This is a higher percentage test batch of our beloved Piura beans. Running at a higher percentage accentuates the naturally found higher fat content of these beans.

    Tasting notes

    smooth, creamy, red fruit, bitter

    Batch 6

    75% Colombia

    These beans are from Sierra Nevada, a northern part of Colombia. Considered ultra–premium, and winning awards for makers using these beans, we wanted to try our hand at processing these at 75%.

    Tasting notes

    smooth with a hint of fruit and a pleasant cacao finish

    Batch X

    72.5% Central America

    Batch X beans is a blend from Central America, including Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. This is a micro batch with a complex favor profile with notes of red & stone fruit, raisin and smoke with a cocoa finish. Each time you taste it, you want more!

    Tasting notes

    red & stone fruit, raisin and smoke with a cocoa finish

    Batch 5

    78% Belize

    Batch 5 beans come from Maya Mountain Cacao in Belize. Their mission is to improve Belizean farmer livelihoods by directly connecting smallholder farmers to the specialty chocolate industry. When processing this organic cacao, we found it balanced out with sugar in the high seventy percentages, producing a creamy dark bark with our traditional two ingredient method.

    Tasting notes

    dark red fruit, a touch of smoke and a hit of herb and tea

    Batch 4

    73% Nicaragua

    With batch 4 we wanted to experiment with an extended aging process. It's common to hear about aging chocolate before it's final temper, and we wanted to see first hand how this would effect a finished bar. Made with Trinitario cacao from Nicaragua, this bar was aged for 13 months before temper. The final bar is slightly more mellow and a bit creamier on the mouth.

    Tasting notes

    smoky sourdough with a strawberry finish

    Batch 3

    72% Brazil

    The cacao from this bar come from the souhern region of the state Bahia, on the east coast of Brazil. This region is one of the most bio–diverse locations on earth — rolling hills covered by thick Mata–Atlantic rainforest. The beans used for this bar are organic Trinitario from a small producer at 100 meters above sea level. The finished bar is well–balanced — decidedly cocoa forward with hints of fruit, smoke and nut.

    Tasting notes

    pistachio, blueberry, whisky, cocoa

    Batch 2

    72% Peru

    When we visited Peru, we connected with a community reviving their cacao industry. After tasting more than 60 beans from different farms, the Criollo bean from Salitral was a clear favorite for its fruit forwardness. The resulting bar was so fruity, it can only be described as juicy.

    Tasting notes

    stone fruit, raspberry, strawberry

    Batch 1

    85% Peru & Nicaragua

    There's a real art to blending and mixing. We wanted to test out a dark profile bar with a blend of Criollo from Peru and Trinitario from Nicaragua. The resulting bar was smokey and cocoa forward.

    Tasting notes

    smoke, cocoa, pistachio